Are we preparing for catastrophic warming when we should be
preparing for cooling?
You can prepare by hedging you bets today.
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Our Director of Science, has produced research demonstrating that:

1. The basic sensitivity calculation upon which the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) scare rests, is technically, architecturally and physically flawed. Dating back to 1896, the model contains serious structural errors.
Fixing the architecture but keeping the basic physics, future warming due to carbon dioxide is only 10-20% of official estimates. Less than 20% of the global warming since the 1970s was due to rising carbon dioxide.
2. A solar theory of warming, with empirical support, can better explain climate variability through natural processes and strongly suggests imminent global cooling. 
See here for details.

3. As we approach this period of global cooling, and the leading indicators are evident, we will better refine the timing, magnitude and our investment strategy.

The team at Cool Futures believes that global warming inspired public policies are flawed because they lack rigorous due diligence and empirical evidence in their foundation and implementation, while not reducing global emissions.

These policies claim to reduce global human carbon dioxide emissions, but have instead resulted in a significant misallocation of assets and the related miscalculation of asset values. This has had the effect of grossly distorting numerous markets and contributed to the economic imbalances involving economic stagnation, extremes in wealth accumulation, and massive unsustainable government and corporate debt globally.

The overall strategy of the Cool Futures team is to extract value from ideologically driven public policies, specifically those fostered by internationally focussed elites and bureaucracies, to make and hedge various positions on the attribution, sign and magnitude of climate change [e.g. natural versus man-made; global warming or global cooling, etc.] and on changing energy and climate policies as they cascade unevenly around the globe.
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