Are we preparing for catastrophic warming when we should be
preparing for cooling?
Whether you're a sophisticated investor and/or a concerned citizen, you can prepare by investing or taking action today. Find out more below. 
Our Director of Science, has produced research demonstrating that:

1. The basic sensitivity calculation, upon which the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) scare rests, is technically, architecturally and physically flawed. Dating back to 1896, the model contains serious structural errors.
Fixing the architecture but keeping the basic physics, future warming due to carbon dioxide is only 10-20% of official estimates. Less than 20% of the global warming since the 1970s was due to rising carbon dioxide.
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2. A solar theory of warming, with empirical support, can better explain climate variability through natural processes, and strongly suggests imminent global cooling.

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3. As we approach this period of global cooling, and the leading indicators are evident, we will better refine the timing, magnitude and investment strategy.

How do you change the minds of those adamant you are wrong; who've made their decision based on emotions and 'authority' rather than on science, evidence and reason and who are in power in government or business or the media?

Unfortunately (or fortunately), where a person's own money, wealth and lifestyle comes under imminent threat, their attention can be readily drawn to a broader and better understanding of the threat.

Citizens of the West are watching the miscalculation of values and the gross misallocation of their pension funds, putting the long term prosperity for them, their children & their grandchildren at risk by dent of government policy.

Preparing for the wrong catastrophe
-global warming-as global cooling begins?


Our Plan is to stop this destructive and mindless waste
promote prosperity instead.
We have the science, a strategic plan, and a narrative that does something not done properly before by any western government or bureaucracy.
This is an audacious plan. It has to be.
With a self funded, highly profitable due diligence process and cost benefit analysis on the science, economics and finance of climate change, we will literally hedge our positions on climate change and on changing climate change policy.

By implementing our plan through our Cool Futures Hedge Fund, we aim to bring sanity and reason back to the climate and financial public policy debate by providing excellent returns for our shareholders and investors and telling people how and why.
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detailed plan
What we do
Our core activitiy is managing the Cool Futures Hedge Fund. We monitor the latest developments in the science, economics and finance of global warming [the Knowledge] and take positions accordingly using all the tools of a hedge fund.
We hedge our bets on global warming and on climate change public policy.

We are a thematic hedge fund. Our Alpha is also our unique selling proposition. The iterative investment question we ask is,

“What and how should we invest, if we know that carbon dioxide is 'innocent' of being the main cause of catastrophic global warming*; and that the timing (soon), magnitude (significant) and sign (cooling) of the next major climate shift will have an impact on many markets and economies?.....Perhaps at the very least, we should hedge our bets.”

No other fund is doing this. Yet there are trillions of dollars in play, seemingly with no due diligence on the Knowledge done by anyone but us.

The Cool Futures Hedge Fund is a new small private hedge fund incorporated in the Cayman Islands with audacious plans to soon launch, expand and grow globally to capture this emerging large scale market opportunity.

*More precisely: Fixing the architecture of the flawed climate models, while keeping the physics, shows that future warming due to carbon dioxide will be a fifth to a tenth of current official estimates. Less than 20% of the global warming since 1973 was due to increasing carbon dioxide.
What can you do?
No matter the size of investment or commitment you have in mind, Cool Futures has a format that suits you.
Larger sophisticated investors:
Have three options, where each option involves making initial contact with Cool Futures Funds Management.
As sophisticated investors including pension funds and investment houses, you can get information on either our unique investment approach via the classic hedge fund investment path or perhaps an assessment on your own due diligence processes by our due diligence team. (Wouldn’t you want to make sure your other investments are protected too?). You can also seek further information on the ownership structure of Cool Futures Funds Management itself.
Everyday people:
Unfortunately, these options are not available for you as a smaller ‘unsophisticated’ investor (maybe one day), but Cool Futures has a unique approach to allow “everyday people” to be involved too, and we encourage you to do so to take a stand; to make a statement and to gain insight into the Knowledge of investment opportunities for you as they arise. We want you to be fully involved, even if only in a small way at this stage.
For those who can see the opportunity and benefits of an investment fund which does due diligence on climate predictions, there is a way to be involved and to gain a share or two in Cool Futures Funds Management for reward through our crowd funding mechanism .  
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Please also see our Detailed Plan .