We are an international team of highly qualified and experienced mathematicians, scientists, engineers, actuaries, risk managers, bankers, fund managers, investment managers and science communicators - determined to apply rigorous due diligence to science, engineering and strategic investment dependent projects, policies and positions. 
We see high-resolution due diligence and accurate, reliable and timely information as essential for an informed market, and for the body politic to function optimally.
These high-resolution insights and activities will be applied rigorously across our range of services.

Photographs sourced from unsplash.com
Photographers: Alberto Restifo, Ales Krivec, Caleb George, Danny Froese, David Marcu, Dustin Scarpitti, Eutah Mizushima, Gez Xavier Masfield, Matt Lee, Olia Gozha, Samuel Zeller, Sudarshan Bhat, Tiago Aguiar, Caroline Sada, Will Stewart, Tiago Gerken, Kelsey Johnsen.