Our Team at Cool Futures Funds Management
We offer funds management and due diligence consulting services on the science, economics and finance of global warming and climate change – we can assist you or your pension fund to hedge bets on climate.
Dr David Evans earned six degrees related to modeling and applied mathematics over ten years, including a PhD from Stanford University in Fourier analysis and signal processing, with the late Professor Ronald Bracewell. Dr Evans was instrumental in building FullCAM, the world-leading carbon accounting model that Australia uses for analyzing the carbon in Australia's biosphere, consulting for the Australian Greenhouse Office. David has since been doing consulting work, been active in the climate debate and doing climate research, and running his small business focused on investment information for gold mining on the ASX.
Dr Stephen Farish is an applied statistician who consults to and works for numerous large organisations; government, educational and corporate. He built the SES model used to determine funding schemas in Australian Government health and education programs. Dr Farish has earned degrees in science and education including Nuclear Astrophysics (and Upper Atmosphere Physics), mathematics and statistics, including a Doctorate in Education from the University of Melbourne. He regularly teaches advanced epidemiology and biostatics research training programs at the University of Michigan in the US.
Jo Nova is an award-winning science commentator and blogger, and a prize-winning science graduate. Over 2 million people have visited her site. Long ago she was a Green, and she still wants to save the world but now by using the scientific method. She is quoted by James Delingpole, Matt Ridley, Christopher Booker, Andrew Bolt, and Mark Steyn. She’s been blamed for the collapse of the emissions trading scheme and named in the Australian Parliament. Oxfam listed her blog influence as being "equal to NASA" in the Climategate email saga. In 2008 she wrote The Skeptics Handbook, with over 220,000 copies published worldwide (translated into 15 languages). Her paper Climate Money was the first to document the unprecedented rise of volunteer auditors and independent scientists, and the massive distortion of science: ‘alarmists’ are paid 3,500 times more than ‘skeptics’, but it is only the latter who were called shills. She was also the first to spotlight the influential role of those banks and financial houses with a major stake in carbon trading.

Chris Dawson is an entrepreneur and manager, having founded and run numerous innovative enterprises. His current roles include CEO of the Lord Monckton Foundation, and launching the Cool Futures Hedge Fund, managed by Cool Futures Funds Management. He has worked in a funds and project management role with leading Australian merchant banks and families as an energy, water and environment consultant and manager. Mr Dawson has earned a number of degrees in engineering, economics, marketing, education and training, including a Masters degree/MEI from Swinburne University faculty of Engineering. In two doctoral dissertations (not submitted), he has examined, “evidence based public policy formation processes – climate change as a case study” and “the key success factors in commercialising government funded R & D.”

Andrew Vallner is an external consultant to the fund. He is an experienced asset consultant, and has worked in a number of investment management, research, consulting and actuarial roles in his 25 years in the finance industry. With a particular background in credit and Alternatives, he was widely published on CDOs pre-crisis, and has identified a number of high return strategies for clients from the resulting fallout. A qualified actuary, Andrew has extensive portfolio management experience having served as CIO for the CUNA Mutual Group and worked with large institutional clients. He has also served as an independent expert in structured credit litigation.
In addition to our team members listed above, we will establish the Cool Futures Hedge Fund Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) including high calibre individuals we have already identified. With the seed funding in hand, we will begin to recruit additional top hedge fund specialist operatives, traders and analysts as suggested by the IAC and recruiters using our unique selling proposition as a hook.

The process of selecting and engaging suitable solution providers [to tackle the fundamental back and middle-office issues, as well as regulatory challenges facing hedge fund managers today] is nearly complete. The solution providers including: accounting firms, administrators, compliance services, investment consultants and advisors, CRM providers, foreign exchange service providers, general service and information providers, legal firms, recruiters, risk management advise, and last but not least, least conflicted prime brokerage, technology platforms and other trading services, have nearly all been vetted and selected.

Similarly, we will expand our relationships with other fund managers as required through our consulting and management services on offer.

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