​​The Cool Futures group of companies (“Cool Futures Group”) based in the Cayman Islands, comprises an international and growing team of scientists, mathematicians, engineers, science communicators, fund managers and investment advisors.
Potential investors and supporters from a multitude of countries across the globe have indicated that they are attracted to the unique contrarian investment approach of our organization.
The Cool Futures senior investment team is currently drawn from people resident in the US, UK, Cayman Islands and Australia. The degree of interest expressed by the persons approached is easily gauged by the involvement in the Cool Futures Investment Committee which includes: Marc Morano [US], James Delingpole [UK], Jo Nova [AUS], Steve Milloy [US], and Dr David Evans [AUS].
Photographs sourced from unsplash.com
Photographers: Alberto Restifo, Ales Krivec, Caleb George, Danny Froese, David Marcu, Dustin Scarpitti, Eutah Mizushima, Gez Xavier Masfield, Matt Lee, Olia Gozha, Samuel Zeller, Sudarshan Bhat, Tiago Aguiar, Caroline Sada, Will Stewart, Tiago Gerken, Kelsey Johnsen.